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On this page you'll find information on where to access and purchase any of Stellaria Entertainment & Production's shows, literature and merchandise, as well as where to hire entertainment professionals for shows and events.

If you're seeking immersive theatre or event experiences, guerrilla/experiential marketing and performers for promotional purposes, like brand ambassadors, please visit Stellaria Creative Company. Stellaria Creative Company also deals with publishing, seamlessly tying together literary and performance art within the scope of storytelling.

Stellaria creates original stage productions that often mixes aerial acrobatics with traditional theatre elements. We write specific shows for our clients in addition to holding a catalog of produced shows that we put together for rent and/or sale as a "SHOW PACKAGE."

Stellaria has its roots in the entertainment and production industries. We were the first professional aerial group in the area, the first company to produce original Cirque Musical Theatre, and now the first to blur the lines between entertainers and brand ambassadors. Intrigued? Check out what we're doing in marketing here.

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Stellaria is more than just entertainment and stage production. We also specialize in musical theatre scripts, comic books/graphic novels and illustration books. Stellaria maintains that a strong sense of literacy is key to a solid foundation in the arts. For clients only interested in the viscerally written word, we offer a catalog of scripts and books apart from entertainment and production, available HERE.

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