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Stellaria Entertainment & Production trains in-house and contracts out professional aerialists who specialize in innovative apparatus like crescent moon, double hammock, quad silks, LED aerial hoop, lollipop lyra, silk trapeze, aerial net and halo hammock to name a few. We also have traditional apparatus like aerial silks, hoop, rope, trapeze and hammock.

Aerialist on hammock


Stellaria Entertainment & Production keeps a close-knit group of dancers and hoopers in the fold. Want LED, fire or multiple hoops? Yes, we have that and more. And, our highly trained dancers have graced international stages in resorts, cruise lines and theme parks. In fact, some of our elite dancers have also picked up hoop to create a rhythmic gymnastics style act.

Hooper performing foot hoop skill


Stellaria defies gravity and shows strength through various acrobatic acts like pole, handbalancing, partner acrobatics and gymnastics, to name a few. These strong and elegant entertainers are well-versed in many disciplines spanning from land to air, and they know how to bring the production value to the forefronts of their acts. 

Strong acrobat on pole

Specialty Acts

Looking for something innovative and special? Stellaria specializes in original and authentic aerial apparatus perfect for the millennial. Crescent moon, lollipop lyra, aerial net, quad silks and halo hammock are only a few among our plethora of unique equipment. Have an idea for something new but not sure how to see it come to reality? Send us note and we'll make it happen;

Aerialist mermaid on crescent moon


From large theatrical productions to smaller cabaret acts, Stellaria Entertainment & Production's Artistic Director, Jeanette Bent, has over 25 years of choreography experience. Aerial, dance and pole acrobatics are her specialty. If you're seeking a choreographer for any of these disciplines, contact us and we will be happy to help.

Resort stage choreographer


Stellaria Entertainment & Production has curated full productions and dinner theatre for audiences from California to Manzanillo (Mexico) to New York City to Turks and Caicos, and beyond. Each client, venue and production require a unique style and approach, one that Stellaria is prepared to design specifically for the event. We've got a variety of costumes, props, set pieces and technical equipment to work with.

Resort stage set
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